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Canadian Teamsters Raise $100,000 for IBT Disaster Relief Fund

Canadian Teamster local unions and joint councils, along with Teamsters Canada, raised over $100,000 for the Teamsters Disaster Relief Fund. The donation comes in response to three back-to-back hurricanes that hit the United States in less than a month.

Teamsters in Québec Raise $50,000 for Camp Papillon

Every year, the camp plays host to nearly 700 children with disabilities by giving them the opportunity to participate in outdoor life in a safe space. The camp also allows parents of disabled children to take a break from a busy life.

Tragedy in Halifax

Statement from François Laporte, President of Teamsters Canada, on the tragic death of seven children in a Halifax house fire...

Mandatory Episode 3: Early Intervention

For a young person, the world can feel a bit daunting. Life is changing, transitions are happening and lessons are being learned. https://youtu.be/J01mFvHyteI They are leaving home for the first time, entering post-secondary and starting their...

Legislative Action

These meetings will happen regularly in order to gauge progress and adapt to the new sets of challenges that our 120 000 members face every day.

Donation to the Northern Lights Health Foundation

Working with other unions under the umbrella of the General Presidents’ Maintenance Committee for Canada (GPMC/NMC), we're proud to report that we helped raised $300,000 for the Northern Lights Health Foundation. The Northern Lights Health Foundation serves to inspire philanthropy and secure funds to improve health and promote wellness in the Wood Buffalo region...

Toronto-Area Organizing Blitz

About 70 workers at three companies joined the Teamsters in just under two weeks.

Teamsters Welcome New Labour Minister

The Teamsters Union, which represents over 115,000 workers across the country, is congratulating Patricia Hajdu on her appointment as minister of Labour. Ms. Hajdu is taking over from MaryAnn Mihychuk. “We’re hoping to meet with Ms. Hajdu as soon as possible in order to continue the constructive dialogue we established with the outgoing minister,” explained Francois Laporte, the President of Teamsters Canada.

Sylvain Morin is a Machine

For Sylvain Morin, a Teamster who works at CN, building the country one day at a time means raising funds for leukemia and lymphoma research

A Letter from Rob Beairsto

They never asked for money but when we gave there was always some vehicle or wheelchair repair or an outstanding bill that we happened to be just in time to pay. I certainly have not had an in depth conversation with Mary about her means but I am not blind. I know that every penny, borrowed or owned, went towards Jim’s illness, bills and mortgage.