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Harper’s union busting laws are one step closer to being repealed

Parliament moved one step closer to formally repealing the previous government's union busting legislation. On Wednesday night, the House of Commons passed Bill C-4, which aims to repeal Bill C-377 and Bill C-525.

4 Ways to Commemorate the National Day of Mourning

On Friday we’ll commemorate the National Day of Mourning. Held annually in Canada on April 28, it’s an occasion to pay tribute to those who died or who were injured on the job. It’s...

Teamsters Raise $146,951 for Canadian Red Cross

Members, local unions and joint councils affiliated with Teamsters Canada raised $146,951 for the Canadian Red Cross to help the people of Fort McMurray and of the surrounding communities. “Our immediate priority is supporting the...

Ontario Teamsters Raise $108,000 for Variety Village, a Children’s Charity

Earlier this week, union representatives from Ontario and across the country took part in the annual Teamsters Ontario Invitational (OTI) for Variety Village, a children’s charity dedicated to making a difference in the spirits...

Our Commitment to Veterans

Teamsters recognize the heroism and sacrifice of our veterans. That is why we are so proud to support them. Over the past two years, supporting veterans meant working on a campaign with Helmets to...

Statement on the Shooting in Orlando

This weekend’s brutal massacre in Orlando shocked and saddened us all. On behalf of Canada’s 120,000 Teamsters, I would like to offer our sincerest condolences to the American people and to the families of...

Canadian Teamsters Raise $100,000 for IBT Disaster Relief Fund

Canadian Teamster local unions and joint councils, along with Teamsters Canada, raised over $100,000 for the Teamsters Disaster Relief Fund. The donation comes in response to three back-to-back hurricanes that hit the United States in less than a month.

Teamsters Canada is Star Exhibitor at Quebec Immigration Fair

For the first time ever, Quebec’s Immigration Fair is playing host to the Teamsters Union.

Trans-Pacific Partnership Won’t Work Until the Cows Come Home

The Trans-Pacific Partnership may become an election issue and harm political parties that support it.

A Helping Hand for the Evacuees of Northern Saskatchewan

A total of $4000 has been raised to help those in need. The province’s very own Local Union 395 raised $1000