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Deposit Refund: Melançon has her work cut out for her!

The Teamsters Union wants to quickly meet the new Quebec Minister of Environment, Isabelle Melançon, in order to know what her intentions are with regards to the promotion of capped brown beer bottles, which are under threat by canned beer.

Ontario Teamsters Raise $108,000 for Variety Village, a Children’s Charity

Earlier this week, union representatives from Ontario and across the country took part in the annual Teamsters Ontario Invitational (OTI) for Variety Village, a children’s charity dedicated to making a difference in the spirits...

Teamsters Canada is Star Exhibitor at Quebec Immigration Fair

For the first time ever, Quebec’s Immigration Fair is playing host to the Teamsters Union.

François Laporte Meets Ministers Freeland and Mihychuk

Topics covered were extensive and varied, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the repeal of union-busting laws like C525 and C377, the restoration of sector councils and the importance of proper rest for workers in the transport industry.

In Action to Help Flood Victims

Teamsters Canada will donate $30,000 to the Red Cross to help those affected by the historic flooding in Québec and Ontario. Teamster members are hard at work helping flood victims. Truckers are figuring out ways to do the impossible and deliver food to supermarkets in flooded areas. Municipal blue collar workers in cities like Pontiac are doing everything they can to limit damages...

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Taxpayers Will Once Again Bear the Cost

The key question is now to determine if and how the TPP will benefit Canadians.

Paris Attacks: Driving out Darkness

Martin Luther King said that “darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.”

Teamsters Raise $146,951 for Canadian Red Cross

Members, local unions and joint councils affiliated with Teamsters Canada raised $146,951 for the Canadian Red Cross to help the people of Fort McMurray and of the surrounding communities. “Our immediate priority is supporting the...

Statement on Today’s Speech from the Throne

François Laporte, the President of Teamsters Canada, made the following statement on today's Speech from the Throne.

Teamsters Launch Ad Campaign in Québec

The campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of drinking (in moderation) beer from a capped brown bottle instead of beer from a can.